PROF’s New Year’s Eve Letter

What it do Gampos, and drunks. Potheads and straight-edgers. Lovers and whales. Pornstars and pinecones.

Its your boy. Young Prof. Aka King Gampo. Aka Kaiser Von Powderhorn. Aka Yung Pookie.

The year is almost over, and I feel I need to write a letter directly to y’all to let you know how im doing and what im thankful for. 2013 seemed to go by super quick, but when I look back at all the shit that happened, it was a full year.

It started in a limo after the Cryphy new years party in Minneapolis. I was chasing a security guard from a fancy hotel around the limo, threatening to whoop his ass. Pour dude was just mad cuz I trashed the bathroom after telling the driver to pull over somewhere so I could piss.

I went on the longest tour of my life with Murs and Fashawn. We performed around the entire country for a few months, and those dudes became my brothers.

I returned to MPLS and TWO sold out back to back shows at 1st ave. I had knee surgery a couple days later.

Just over a month later I was eating a burger backstage at Soundset when some RSE higher ups walked up and asked me to perform in 15 minutes. I was off crutches, but still on a cane. “Ok, lets go.” A few minutes later I was in front of 20,000 of y’all. My knee seemed to hold up.

A few weeks after that I re-aggravated a back injury at an outdoor show in Sioux Falls in front of a couple thousand people. Not trill. I ripped a hole in my spine, and shit exploded out and pressed into the largest nerve in my body. Same injury Tony Romo just had. Unlike his pussy ass, I PLAYED THROUGH THE FUCKING SEASON. I went on to perform at Rock the Bells, A3C, and plenty of other shows around the country.

In september, y’all made me the 2nd MPLS rapper to SELLOUT the Caboose outdoor plaza. Thats over 4,000 of you beautiful fucks. What a show. I will remember that forever.

I signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment. BANG. I didn’t want to at first. It was a pride thing. STOPHOUSE BABY! But then I got to know the whole team, notably the good looking, model-like people behind the scenes, and it made way too much sense. Super happy to be with those dudes, and super happy to keep all the Stophouse workers, interns and street team with me in a management fashion. My set up is EXACTLY how I want it. Trill.

After all my shows of the year, I decided to have back surgery. I haven’t mentioned or complained about it much because… idk… I aint no bitch. Haha, but I was performing in crazy pain. I think I came back from the knee surgery too quick, and my back payed the price. Anyways, we figured I should get some maintenance on it while I have this time off.

I had surgery December 17th. (Yes, thats TWO surgeries in a year- no rob gronkowski) Im already feeling better than I did before. These next couple months, Im going to make an album, and become a world class back athlete. FUCK W ME.

I have the start to the greatest album I have ever made, and Im having a grip of fun making it. Im going to keep writing the newest, most ground breaking shit I can think of. Cant wait to share it with y’all in 2014!!!!!!!

Im a super sarcastic asshole, and some how you put up with it to hear my music and come to my shows. I owe y’all my life. I cant thank you enough.

love me hard,


Prof Signs with Rhymsayers Entertainment

Stophouse Music Group is incredibly proud to announce that Minneapolis based rap label Rhymesayers Entertainment and PROF have signed a deal that will place Prof on a roster along talent like Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Dilated Peoples, and Aesop Rock to name a handful. Beginning with the release of  ”The Reply” today, forthcoming Prof projects will be released exclusively via Rhymesayers Entertainment.

We made this deal knowing that the creative freedom, experience, and reach RSE will provide is second to none for an artist as active in their own career as Prof. The Stophouse team will continue to be just as involved in Prof’s future — this partnership allows us to focus on what we do best; creating music and grass roots marketing via our amazing network of listeners.

There is no date set for Prof’s first full release with RSE, but when the time comes we will need everyone’s support more than ever.

To celebrate the signing, Prof & RSE have released an announcement video and single. Please share the shit out of them if you’re excited about the news!

“The Reply” on iTunes http://bit.ly/TheReply
Announcement Video http://bit.ly/PROFpress
Fan Q & A (7pm CT, 12/3) - http://bit.ly/PROFstream

PROF Shows in Denver (Dec. 5th) and Ft. Collins (Dec. 6th) This Weekend!

PROF and DJ Fundo will be heading to Denver this Thursday to play at Cervantes’ Other Sider and to Ft. Collins on Friday to play at Hodi’s Half Note. Prof won’t be doing any other shows until Spring and the promoter says will sell out, so if you want to come get your tickets now!

Denver – Thursday, December 5th – Tix: https://www.facebook.com/events/1425344471019192/

Fort Collins – Friday, December 6th – Tix: http://bit.ly/1git7py



PROF Outdoors Tickets Go On Sale Today at Noon

In less than 30 minutes, tickets for PROF’s Outdoor festival featuring performances by PROF, Evidence, Fashawn, Soulcrate w/ Later Babes, MaLLy, and Get Cryphy go on sale. The show is Saturday, Sept. 7th at the Cabooze. There are a limited amount of tickets left available for this show, so we recommend getting tickets quickly.

On Sale at Noon:  http://bit.ly/profcabooze

More Info: http://on.fb.me/18oN4qY