84 Caprice

Known for his drastic and moody changes in style, Stophouse Producer 84 Caprice is making his best music ever. Drawing inspiration from his parents love of classic rock, his own coming-of-age in hip-hop’s golden era, and his passion for instrumentation, 84 creates music so diverse only those closest to him can identify it as his.

Born in Twin Cities, Caprice spent the first four years of life overseas before returning to Minneapolis. He started making tracks as a teen and continues to use music as his main creative outlet in his adult life.
84 Caprice
“My music is like a journal of how I feel; different periods of my life have different styles and feels to them,” Caprice says. “I always move around and use different approaches in the process all the time. I don’t have a signature sound and I’m not worried about it in the slightest.”

Last year, Caprice vowed to learn the piano. “I’m not sure why I bought that first piano but as soon as it was in the house and the tuner came, it was on. I sat down with fake books and started learning how to break down the structures and how to play with the forms.”

Now, 84’s home studio is lined with instruments that have become an indispensable part of his creative process. “Instead of digging through records, I started coming up with my own themes and thought about how the artists were going to work with my ideas. I began figuring out how to record the shit from ground up to make it sound raw, like if it were a sample from some gutter record in my collection. I broke out the soldering iron and made the instruments sound how I wanted.”

Using this more hands-on approach to beat making, 84 is looking towards getting down BIG.

“I want the genre to be as adventurous as it used to be,” Caprice says about his goal as an artist. “I mean, can’t it be smart and stupid simultaneously?”

To Contact or Request Beats from 84 Caprice Please Email: info@stophousegroup.com